Paver Patios

A patio is a great place to entertain, have BBQ parties and hang out with friends and family. A well designed patio can add to the beauty of the house and become the favorite place for small family gatherings and become a retreat amongst the greenery of your backyard. Brick patios last a great deal longer than most patios aside and can complement any style easily. At Triple M Brick Pavers, we have an expert design team that’s well experience in constructing great looking outdoor features that fit every taste and budget.

We are primarily based in Jupiter, Florida. We offer our services to the nearby counties of Broward, Palm Beach, Martin, and Indian River regularly and enjoy a large, loyal client base in these places.

Bricks Patio Installation

When it comes to patio design, there’s no dearth of choice. You can pick any design that compliments your home and we can make it for you. If you’re uncertain about the design, our team of experts would help you sketch exactly what you want, guiding you to get the best outdoor patios out of your budget.

  • Before we start any project, we come to inspect the area we will work on. We need to see if the basic foundation is right before laying the brick pavers. Once we know the land, we proceed.

  • After the assessment is done, our team sits down with you to understand your vision for your patio. We introduce you to various design options and help you sketch out a reasonable budget.
  • Once that is decided, we figure out the time that we would need to get the work done and give you an outline of what we would do and when we would likely to finish your new paver patio installation.
  • When we work on a project, we make sure that we’re as unobtrusive as possible, keeping the noise and the disturbance to the minimum. Our workers also clean up after themselves at the end of every work day so you don’t have to deal with a clutter or any mess.
  • During the project period, we make it a point to keep you apprised of the progress, ensuring that you know how your patio is coming along and if there are any unexpected problems or delays.
  • We strive to finish the work in a timely manner and finish your patio within the given timeframe. We do not compromise on quality and adhere to all deadlines.

Triple M Brick Pavers Inc, has been working with brick for several generations now. Over the years, our company has developed a large client base and our reputation for quality materials and quality service as grown. If you have any questions about us or if you want to get an estimate for brick patios, you can call us at 1-561-575-0300 or call our office at (561)748-1673. You can also fill out this Contact Us form and we’ll get back to you.